WhatsApp will be released on Windows and Mac

The most popular messenger in Russia, WhatsApp, is preparing for a new long-awaited update for hundreds of millions of users – the release of a version for PCs on Windows and Mac OS X.

The desktop version of the client will be made in a native design, fully compatible with the environment of desktop platforms, synchronization with the mobile version, support for voice calls and sending media content. An important feature will be the support of communication not only computer-computer, but also smartphone-computer

The computer version of the WhatsApp application will be much more convenient than the currently existing web version, which is still the only “desktop” option for using the messenger and has a number of drawbacks, the main of which is the need to constantly keep the running tab with the web version in the browser.

Previously, sources said that in the near future, WhatsApp will receive a voicemail function, support for ZIP-files, as well as a “Call Back” function for smartphones running on iOS and Android. Voicemail will work both in call mode and with the ability to pre-record a voice message.

The exact timing of the appearance of the desktop version of WhatsApp is not yet known, as well as the appearance of the long-awaited function of video calls for the mobile version, which has already been acquired by the closest competitor in the Russian market, Viber.