WhatsApp has over 1 billion users

The number of users of the WhatsApp messenger has exceeded 1 billion people, said Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on his page on the social network.

“There are a billion people using WhatsApp right now,” Zuckerberg wrote. – There are only a few services that keep more than a billion people online. This milestone is an important step towards establishing a connection with the whole world. ”

WhatsApp is used by a billion people every month, according to the company that owns the Facebook app. Thus, WhatsApp surpassed in terms of the number of users Facebook’s own messenger, which is used by 800 million people every month. According to Facebook, 42 ​​billion messages and 250 million videos are sent daily via WhatsApp.

The social network announced its purchase of WhatsApp in February 2014, spending $ 19 billion. This deal was the largest in the history of the company. In January of this year, it became known that the WhatsApp messenger will become free.

WhatsApp tops the rankings in the messenger category for monthly active users in many key countries. The service is popular in the USA, Latin America, Europe and Russia. Key Asian markets are dominated by local heavyweights, with WeChat dominating in China, LINE dominating in Japan, and KakaoTalk # 1 in South Korea.