Brazil has blocked WhatsApp for the third time in a year

As in previous cases, the decision is related to the refusal of WhatsApp management to release information about users suspected of drug trafficking to the authorities.

As in previous times, the blocking will be canceled after a few days. However, the next inoperability of one of the most popular instant messengers will lead to the loss of users. After the December blocking of WhatsApp in Brazil, Pavel Durov’s Telegram audience grew by 4 million people, after the May one – by 7 million users.

In addition to blocking the service, the court ordered Facebook (owns the WhatsApp messenger) to pay $ 50 thousand a day until the decision to provide information to the authorities is executed. Brazilian intelligence agencies want information about the talks between the two suspects. By examining the contents of the correspondence, the police are planning to get on the trail of drug trafficking groups operating in Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Spain.

Most recently, in early July, the Brazilian Court seized $ 6 million in Facebook accounts for refusing to hand over the correspondence of WhatsApp users, allegedly related to drug trafficking through the messenger.

The Facebook-owned messenger is considered one of the most popular in the country. WhatsApp is used by over 95% of all Brazilian smartphone users.