Channel analysis for advertising in Telegram about lara diabla is a vast topic, we will talk in more detail another time. For now, I’ll just outline the important points so that you don’t point your finger at the sky, but choose the most suitable ones for promotion.

Growth. Check the growth rate (how many subscribers came or left for the selected period of time). Buy from developing sites that are also in the process of purchasing;
Mentions. See where the TG was advertised (can be done through analytics services): open the statistics, look at the list of mentions. Do not be too lazy to find out who mentions him and how often;
Involvement. This indicator (ERR) for channels should be above 20%. In general, the more the better. This is an indicator of quality and a live audience;
Discount. Ask for a discount on advertising. The owners are willing to make small concessions. In this way, you will save a decent amount on volumes and will be able to direct it to development;
Testing. Prepare several promotional posts and test them to find the best one. This is commonly referred to as an A/B test. YOU can use different text formulas and check which one works best for the audience;
Distribution. If you have a fixed budget, distribute it. Don’t buy everything at once. Instead, make a list of groups, ask the owners about available dates, and distribute ads throughout the month.